Monday, December 22, 2008

who nose how to pick a blogger?

Dear cyber-world,

“Here I am” (see below) is my final blog entry of 2008. I’ll resume blogging the week of January 11th. However, if you read this blog – I’d like to hear from you. Like I said, this is a private spiritual practice that I’ve chosen to make public. And spiritual practices should change and shift as the practitioner changes and shifts. Building spiritual muscles isn’t any different than building bodily muscles – if you don’t periodically tweak your work-out routine, your progress levels out. You may even do yourself harm in the long run.

And so I welcome ideas on how to “shift gears” in the spring. If you’ve been journeying with me, let me know about it. Throw in your two cents (checks are payable to John Newton). You can do this in one of two ways – either comment on this post, or if you don’t feel comfortable with people reading your comment (picking your bloggers publically can be embarrassing), send me an email (

I'll keep this puppy going for one more semester. I’m just not yet sure what it’ll look like, or whether or not I’ll blog with the same frequency. And so if you have comments or suggestions, I’d be grateful. Questions about any of my posts are always welcome. In the spiritual life, being “nosey” is a virtue.

Merry Christmas,



Anonymous said...

Keep working to build those spiritual muscles. Soon you will be out of the hypertrophy phase and will see real gains. Max and Heidi

Mark said...
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peter (kenya) said...

"Here I am" what a wonderful and a strong message. may God bless you and me and may He always help us to respond "here I am" as He speak to us. God bless you.

Karen said...

Hey, I'm back. I've learned that working at a church during Advent/Christmas means you don't have time to read blogs! I've been really honored to read this, and I think you're brave to put it out there.