Sunday, May 10, 2009

you better acts somebody

Luke’s account of the early church gives us a glimpse into the revolution that changed our world. I’d like to blog through this wonderful book with one primary purpose – to describe what I see. I’d like to take Acts paragraph by paragraph – or chapter by chapter – and describe how I see the early church functioning.

Of course in doing so I’ll invite a host of questions. What does our church look like in twenty-first century America? What “acts of the” first “apostles” have we abandoned? What would it look like for us to creatively return to the practices of the early church (and what practices aren’t meant to be repeated)?

I invite you to journey with me through this wonderful book. I’ll tell you what I see. But please tell me what you see. Because even now the acts is lying at the root of this tree we call the church. My hope and prayer is that our mutual study will bear much fruit.

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KAM said...

welcome back.