Monday, August 3, 2009

the future of this blog ...

I began this blog about a year ago as an extension of my ministry to the students at the University of Texas, and though writing this blog has been edifying, I am going to “reimagine” it before the fall semester begins. First, I plan on podcasting my sermons and teachings this fall. I’m not sure what podcasting is, but I intend to figure it out between now and September. Anyway, they’ll be accessible from the new blog.

Second, I plan to use this blog as a forum to address and have conversations about specific questions that arise from our Wednesday night Omega program (this year we’re doing “Old Testament Greatest Hits”). These questions will come from both the students that participate in our small groups, as well as anyone who listens to the talk from home.

Anyway, I’m trying to “rethink” this bad boy. If you have any suggestions, please email them to

In the meantime, love Jesus and live for His Kingdom. He is Lord of all. And love other people too. Jesus does.

See you soon –



Anonymous said...

We like it and need the daily spiritual guidance. Without you, its a dog's life. Max and Heidi.

Matt said...

I think the podcasting idea is actually a great one. I have a friend who still listens to sermons from his hometown church every week via podcast. Do it!